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Jul 24, 2021
Ciaran McMeeken Music | 2013 - 2021 (Indefinite Hiatus)

Ciaran McMeeken Music | 2013 - 2021 (Indefinite Hiatus)


End of an era.


I have been thinking and reflecting long and hard in recent times about my career and the direction I'd like to take things. It has become apparent to me for quite a while now that my heart and soul have been missing from the music I've been making in my solo career. As Austin Powers once said, 'I've lost my mojo!'


The whole reason I started pursuing music was that there was a palpable aliveness and inspiration which really pulled me to create and write songs. I'm aware that inspiration is not always around and we as humans experience creative peaks and valleys, but this feels different from that. It feels like it really is time to transition and transform into something else. I really desire to fall back in love with music and the process of making music and know that stepping away from my solo career is an important step in making that happen.


However, this is not the end. I have recently connected with two incredible musicians. We have been writing and performing together and that aliveness, enthusiasm and 'mojo' has come back in leaps and bounds. We are in the process of making the group a more official band and getting things off the ground. I have also been freelance producing for other artists online and in-person over the last 18 months and that has quickly become a huge passion and something I'm excited to sink my teeth into more.


I will be keeping my music up online and my social channels active, sharing live videos from time to time. Of course if the muse comes back to visit, (I suspect it will one day) I will certainly dive back into my solo stuff. But for transparencies sake, it does feel important to officially seal things up for the time being.


There is SO many people who I have to thank who have deeply supported me over the last 9 years. Too many to name but I know you know you are and I the depth of gratitude for you all is immense. To all of you wonderful humans who have supported me and my music over the years, sent messages of kindness, bought tickets and streamed songs, I just can’t thank you enough. You have helped enable me to pursue a dream and things I never thought was possible.


I feel excited and inspired about what the future holds in store.


With deep gratitude,




May 14, 2021
‘Fifteen Years’ & ‘Honey Hearted Woman’ are OUT NOW

Thrilled to announce that ‘Fifteen Years’ & ‘Honey Hearted Woman’ are OUT NOW -->

May 7, 2021
'Fifteen Years’ & ‘Honey Hearted Woman’ - Out 05.14.2021!

Apr 29, 2021
'Fifteen Years' & 'Honey Hearted Woman' - OUT May 14 | Spotify Pre-Save Below!

Fifteen Years

Spotify Pre-save:

Honey Hearted Woman

Spotify Pre-save:



Apr 24, 2021
Ciaran McMeeken. - 'Antidote' [Live Studio Session]

Sep 25, 2020

Something new is cookin' in the lab 👀

Sep 24, 2020
'Rise' - Live Studio Session

A little song I wrote for an artist back in March when this whole thing kicked off... I hope it brings you something x


Jun 6, 2020
New Single 'Antidote' - 06.10.2020

I'm here, I'm listening, I'm learning and I have created something from my heart to share during this time. Love to you all x

Nov 8, 2019
Ciaran McMeeken - 'Let Her Go' x Passenger (Live Acoustic Cover)


'Let Her Go' x Passenger

Enjoy x

Nov 7, 2019
'Higher Ground' (Feat. Geoff Ong) is OUT NOW!


Such an HONOUR to have partnered with Movember & frtyfve for their 2019 #mosoundscampaign!

Geoff Ong Music and I are super excited to share our cover of the Stevie Wonder hit 'Higher Ground' which is OUT NOW!

Check it out HERE -->

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